Creating a beautiful casket spray is an expression of love and respect for a lost loved one. As floral designers, it’s our job to craft meaningful arrangements that honor the memory of those we cherish. To ensure your finished product looks its best, I’ve put together these step by step instructions so you can create a stunning casket spray every time. From selecting the right flowers to arranging them with care, this article will guide you through each stage of the process. With attention to detail and some practice, you’ll soon become an expert at crafting unforgettable casket sprays! Let’s get started!

What Is A Casket Spray

A casket spray is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the life of a loved one at their funeral service. It has been reported that approximately 90% of funerals include flowers, with most families choosing to include some form of floral tribute in memory of the deceased. A casket spray usually consists of an arrangement of fresh flowers placed on top or around the closed casket during visitation and/or before burial. These floral tributes can be designed in various sizes, shapes, colors, styles and textures to reflect different emotions surrounding the memorial service. The selection of flowers and foliage used for these arrangements are just as important as the overall design itself; each blossom conveys its own unique sentiment which helps create a special remembrance for all attending. With this in mind, it’s essential to select blooms carefully when creating your casket spray.

Casket Spray
Casket Spray

Types Of Flowers And Foliage To Use

When it comes to making a casket spray, choosing the right flowers and foliage is key. There are many different kinds of blooms that can be used, so there’s plenty of room for creativity when constructing your floral arrangement. Some popular choices include daisies, chrysanthemums, carnations, sunflowers and lilies.

  • Daisies: cheerful and bright with long-lasting petals
  • Chrysanthemums: vibrant colors in clusters or as single blooms
  • Carnations: delicate texture, available in almost any color imaginable
  • Sunflowers: big and bold with sunny yellow petals
  • Lilies: fragrant blossoms perfect for adding subtle scent to arrangements

No matter which type you choose, these flowers will make a beautiful addition to your casket spray. With their lush textures and wide range of hues, they’ll provide the ideal backdrop to honor your loved one’s memory. Now let’s move on to selecting the right size container for your design.

Choosing The Right Size Container

Container size is an important consideration when making a casket spray. You want to make sure your flower arrangement appropriately fills the space available, while also creating an impactful look. When selecting a container for this type of project, it’s best to pay attention to the dimensions and choose something that will fit in with the spray size you’re aiming for. Container selection should always be considered within the context of your overall flower arrangement vision.

Next, consider what foliage selections you’ll use for your design. This can help determine which style of container would work best to achieve the desired effect. Different types of materials such as leaves or branches might require different sizes and shapes of containers compared to flowers alone. Each component should be weighed carefully before making any decisions on sizing or selection.

Ultimately, choosing the right container is essential for achieving a beautiful casket spray. The right combination of flowers and foliage combined with just the right sized vessel can really bring out all kinds of amazing effects so don’t skip this step! With careful thought put into both components, you’ll have everything needed to create an incredibly stunning tribute piece honoring your loved one’s memory. Now let’s gather supplies needed for the arrangement.

Gather Supplies Needed For The Arrangement

Creating a casket spray can be an intricate and detailed process. It requires the right supplies to make sure that each flower is perfectly placed in order to create a beautiful tribute for your loved one. According to the Flower Expert, approximately 200 stems are used for most large funeral sprays. With that being said, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Floral foam
  • A container suitable for the size of the casket spray
  • Flowers and foliage
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
    These items should provide everything necessary to create a stunning display. You may also want to purchase any additional items such as ribbon or filler flowers for added beauty and texture. After gathering all of these materials, it’s time to begin preparing them for assembly.

Preparing The Flowers And Foliage

Gathering the necessary materials is essential to make a successful casket spray. You will need a glue gun, floral tape, stem cutters, and flower food or preservative. The first step in preparing your flowers and foliage for arranging is cutting them down to size with the stem cutters. Make sure all stems are even by measuring each one; it’s important for achieving an aesthetically pleasing design. When you have trimmed all of your material, apply the flower food or preservative as directed on the package instructions. This will help keep them fresh throughout the day. Next, attach any large accent blooms together with floral tape so that they can be easily handled without damaging them further when assembling the arrangement. Keep these larger components aside while we move onto arranging them in the container.

Arranging The Materials In The Container

Now that the flowers and foliage have been prepared, it is time to begin arranging them in the container. The size of your container will determine how many materials you can use and the overall shape of your casket spray. When selecting a container, be sure to choose one with enough depth for all of your materials without crowding or overlapping too much.

To arrange the materials in the container:

  1. Place flower stems inside first, staggering lengths and orientations for an even coverage throughout the bottom of the container.
  2. Add foliage pieces between flower stems for texture, color contrast, and movement within the design. Incorporate different types of greenery for additional layers and interest.
  3. Secure everything by pushing down firmly on each stem or piece and then mist lightly with water to keep things fresh while finishing up your design.

With these steps complete, it’s now time to add those finishing touches that will make your casket spray stand out amongst other arrangements!

Adding Finishing Touches

To add the finishing touches to a casket spray, start by adding crystal accents for extra sparkle and shine. Place them between blooms or on top of greenery for an elegant touch. Next, use ribbon bows in coordinating colors to bring out the vibrant hues of each flower variety. Take a few glitter stems and tuck them away under large flowers such as roses for added visual interest. To complete the look, scatter some artificial butterflies around the arrangement and sprinkle glittery stones along the edges. This will help tie together all components into one beautiful piece that is eye-catching from every angle.

With these lovely details in place, it’s time to secure everything in its spot so your casket spray looks perfect when presented at the funeral service.

Securing The Spray In Place

Once you have added the finishing touches to your casket spray, it is time to secure it in place. Fixing a beautiful, elaborate arrangement securely on a casket can be difficult and requires careful placement of several components. To start, make sure that all pieces of the casket spray are firmly placed against each other so they hold each other up. Securely attach the foam block at the base by using wire or string to tie it down tightly onto the casket.

Next, use wires and ties to connect flowers together in order to create one large piece out of multiple parts; this will help keep your entire arrangement from slipping off the side of the casket. Lastly, use clamps along with florist tape around stems and greens for extra support and stability when placing the spray inside its designated area. This way your creation won’t move during transportation as well as ensure maximum security while standing on top of a coffin.

By following these steps, you can guarantee that your exquisite flower arrangement will stay fixed in its proper position without any worry about slippage or displacement due to external factors such as wind or mishandling. With these techniques, you’ll know that you’ve done everything possible to secure your artful casket spray before offering it up for display at funeral services or memorials.

Tips For Longer Lasting Blooms

Working with long-lasting blooms can be like working a jigsaw puzzle; the pieces must fit perfectly together to create the desired effect. As such, selecting the right flowers for casket sprays is essential for keeping them looking fresh for as long as possible. To ensure your casket spray stands out from the crowd and lasts longer than expected, here are some tips on how to choose and care for your blossoms.

When choosing flowers, look for varieties that have been bred specifically to last longer in arrangements. Varieties such as chrysanthemums and carnations are known to hold up well when cut and used in floral designs. Additionally, certain colors may also help keep blooms vibrant over time, so consider picking petals that boast bright hues or deep jewel tones.

Proper preparation of selected flowers is key to making sure they stay healthy while being arranged into a casket spray. To extend their longevity, it’s important to condition each stem by cutting off any wilted leaves or additional foliage before arranging them into position. Once the arrangement has been completed, misting the display lightly with water every few days will help keep everything looking full and lush.

By following these simple flower-care guidelines when creating a casket spray you’ll be able to create stunning displays that will remain beautiful until its intended recipient has had time to appreciate it fully. With careful selection and proper maintenance, blooms can continue captivating viewers far beyond what was originally anticipated – allowing friends and family members further opportunity express their love through this emotional tribute. Taking just a bit of extra effort makes all the difference in ensuring lasting admiration of your design work! Moving forward, if we wish our creations remain true showstoppers we must pay attention to care instructions given at delivery’s end which will enable us to safeguard against premature fading of floral beauty.

Care Instructions

It is important to care for casket sprays properly in order to maintain their integrity and longevity. Here are some flower-care tips that will help you keep your arrangement looking its best:

First, remove any leaves or debris from the stems of each individual flower before arranging them. This helps reduce bacteria buildup on the flowers that can cause wilting and discoloration. Additionally, make sure to cut off at least an inch of stem with sharp scissors when preparing a casket spray. Doing this provides space for water uptake and encourages longer life for the flowers.

Next, if possible, place your arrangement away from direct sunlight, heat sources, air conditioning vents, and other elements which can contribute to rapid bloom deterioration. Also be mindful of windy conditions as they may disrupt or displace delicate petals and foliage pieces within your design. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to re-cut stems about every 2-3 days using clean scissors and change out all of the water completely every few days so bacteria doesn’t build up in the container or vase causing blooms to deteriorate prematurely. Lastly, misting your floral display daily with cold water helps provide hydration while adding extra moisture into the atmosphere around them.

These simple steps should ensure that your arrangement stays bright and vibrant throughout its lifespan!


As a floral designer and arranger, I couldn’t be more proud of the work I did to create this beautiful casket spray. It’s truly an honor for me to help families during their time of grieving by creating something that is both stunningly beautiful and meaningful. With my step-by-step guide, you too can make a gorgeous casket spray with ease!

The combination of vibrant colors, lovely textures, and delicate fragrances will take any funeral service to the next level. The joy it brings to all in attendance is absolutely incomparable simply breathtaking! And since these arrangements are meant to last longer than just one day, they’re sure to serve as a lasting reminder of your loved one’s life for years to come.

Creating a casket spray is no easy task but with my guidance, you can proudly display an arrangement that looks like it was created by a professional florist. From selecting the perfect flowers and foliage down to adding those finishing touches if you follow my tips closely, you’ll have crafted something that honors your beloved in the most exquisite way possible.

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